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Offering all specialized services under one roof.

Electronic Health Records

Our Practice has the latest digital patient history management software since the last 10 years and this is an important core part of our practice. The maintenance of the patient records helps us to give the best follow-up and treatment plan for any condition based on the present history.

Digital X-rays

Our concern about reduced X-rays exposure lead us to move to digital intraoral X-rays since the last 10 years.The digital X-rays do not degenerate with time and help us maintain patient records for all time. These records are easy to retrieve at a click of a button and the inbuilt tools help us to pinpoint the focus area and accomplish precise diagnosis.

Preventive Dentistry Programs

At Gandhis Dental care we offer an array of preventive services and advice to our patrons, some of the unique services include

a) Kids Caries (Tooth Decay) Prevention Program

Children are prone to early childhood caries (ECC)

  •  Our toddler to teen program for prevention of decay offers
  • Routine 3 monthly or 6 monthly checkup
  • Anticipatory guidance for parents 
  • Fluoride application including varnish
  • Pit and fissure sealants

b) Dental Care for Seniors

Advanced age presents unique set of problems, which are not only primary in nature, but also secondary to many medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis, surgeries etc. At Gandhis Dental Care, our team of experts offer a range of appropriate curative and symptomatic dental treatments based on the medical history and need of the seniors.

c) Oral Prophylaxis

Routine Dental cleanings removes plaque (soft, sticky, bacteria infested film) and tartar (calculus) deposits that have built up on the teeth over time and prevents onset of various gum diseases.

d) Diabetic Dental Care

Diabetes brings about changes in the mouth that make the patient susceptible to caries with gum and jaw bone problems. Our Diabetic care program offers comprehensive dental care along with nutritional counselling for best upkeep and maintenance of oral tissues in their prime health.

e) Interceptive Preventive or early Intervention Orthodontics

a beautiful smile is partly hereditary and partly developmental as it is affected by many factors like habits such as mouth breathing and thumb sucking. At Gandhis Dental care, we offer range solutions with constant monitoring of the development of face, teeth, jaws and smile, to minimize or completely eliminate the need of braces in future.

f) Cancer Patient Care

Cancer Patients, especially who have undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy, need special dental care and regular therapy. The susceptibility to caries is higher for the patients as the saliva flow decreases (radiotherapy related Xerostomia).There is also higher risk of gum problems as tartar accumulation increases.

g) Pregnancy Dental Care

Due to the hormone fluctuation during pregnancy special care and treatment is required by the expectant mother. Regular scaling and gum care helps during Pregnancy as the body is prone to gum bleeding and swelling is high.

Home Care Dentistry for Seniors

Some of our senior patients need to address their dental needs but are unable to visit the clinic for varying reasons. We endeavor and attempt to provide high standards of home care dentistry whenever desired.

Dental Implants

World class Dental Implants systems we offer:

Kids Dentistry

Children form the foundation of their dental health from an early age. Proper education and motivation of the parent and the child is our primary aim to put children on the right path for good dental health for life. In the age of sugary treats and refined foods it’s difficult to have a problem free mouth in children. Our age wise special planned care minimizes the decay and damage by keeping caries and other developing problems at bay.

Single Day Dentistry

Our practice being 7 minutes from Airport and in the most accessible area of Delhi makes us conveniently placed for visitors to Delhi who avail, comprehensive rehabilitation in short duration, customized and individualized for each patient. We help plan and customize the treatment plans around the travel plans of our international patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We specialize in state of the art cosmetic restorations and rehabilitation by careful planning of the facial form. In this day and age of selfies a perfect smile is imperative. Smile designing and esthetic enhancement with treatments like advanced teeth whitening and teeth lengthening with lasers is provided at the practice.

Teeth Whitening: Zoom

Zoom whitening system by Philips is the most popular and advanced tooth whitening system today in the world. We are one of the few in Delhi with this facility.

Stem Cell Banking of Pulp Cells

Stem cells procurement from the dental pulp of a primary tooth scheduled to naturally fall, is evolving as the richest source of mesenchymal stem cells. We offer stem cell banking option to young parents keen to safeguard the medical future of their children.

Orthodontics Braces for all Ages

Correction of mal-aligned teeth is required for cosmetic correction and for long term health maintenance of oral tissues. Irregular teeth, leads to many gum related and jaw related problems on long persistence. Our Orthodontic care program offers customized solutions using most advanced theories and techniques prevalent in this vast field.

Clear orthodontic aligners

In certain cases, mild to moderate teeth alignment can be corrected by use of removable clear transparent sequential wearable appliances in contrast to wire braces. This technique is popular amongst adults, who can remove the appliance when required and continue wearing aligners at other times.
World class clear aligner systems we offer

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries

Our team of experienced surgeon’s offers, routine and specialized treatment options to the patients who need such services. The procedures include wisdom tooth surgery, dental extractions, biopsy, tongue tie correction, gummy smile correction etc.

Gum Surgeries

To arrest the advancement of gingival disease deep into the jaw bones and prevent premature falling of teeth, our practice offers advanced periodontal surgeries options, customized for individuals based on the medical history for correction, reversal and maintenance of jaw bone health.